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About Us

Here at EN Body Co. it is our mission to promote natural skincare, while cultivating a culture centered around self care, wellness and taking care of ourselves and our bodies. When using our collection, we are encouraging you to embrace a lifestyle around making conscious choices that positively impact your skin and body, inside and out.

Our vision is to provide you with handcrafted skin-care that will balance well with your specific skin type and harmonize within the global environment by producing products
that are safe, non-toxic, and effective through binding the powers of herbs, plants, clays,
and other raw, natural ingredients.

Fresh, healthy skin has always stood essential to founder and Atlanta resident, Kelsei Coleman, who discovered her passion for green beauty through her grandmother’s ideas and beliefs around simplistic, natural skincare practices. It is here where she learned the power of natural remedies and how herbs and plants can be implemented into skincare. Kelsei desires to bring forth change to the conventional beauty industry through her creation of EN Body Co., a high quality handcrafted skincare collection inspired by her grandmother.

EN Body Co. wants to make everyone look and feel their best while taking care of our mind, body, and spirit naturally. Every purchase guarantees your commitment to protecting the environment and discovering the many different forms of beauty.